Brandon J. Durham - Testimonials
Brandon J. Durham - Private Guitar Instruction
"I'm one of Brandons Students, in my senior year of high school, and I'm applying to college's and scholarships. Brandon has been a huge help with the whole process, wether that means preparing me for auditions or helping me send recordings in to various scholarships, I couldn't recommend Brandon more!" -Luke Lanzilloti- Pepperell, MA

Awesome Teacher, I took lessons with Brandon for about a year and he gave me a great foundation that I hope to build on again soon. I saw the interaction Brandon had with his many other students and their parents/family and he was yet another Music Teacher I value as a mentor in my own teaching practice. - Jason Staples- Townsend, MA

When I first walked into the music shop that was near K-Mart, I was nine years old and I was carrying an old acoustic guitar. My family introduced me to Brandon saying that "I would be the next Billie Joe Armstrong". And for my very first lesson Brandon taught me Brain Stew, from Green Day, of course. 
I think that's a really good example of how Brandon gets to know you as a student and as a friend, shaping the lessons to what you already know, what you want to know, and what you need to learn. At one point the lessons took a turn in to blues and jazz and improvisation - something I pride myself on that I never expected to be so good at, and would not have ever learned had it not been for such a musically well-rounded teacher. Eventually we dabbled in learning full songs and even singing and playing - though it took a lot of convincing on Brandon's part to actually get me to perform at recitals (experience that I am now very grateful for!). 
After nine years of lessons I'm not exactly the next Billie Joe Armstrong (yet!) but I have definitely learned a LOT about music, playing with other people, and the music industry that I hope to have a career in. The experience, lessons, and influence Brandon has had on me have helped me and will continue to aid me in my journey. I will never meet another teacher that will have half as much of an impact on me as Brandon has. He is an excellent teacher and as I like to call him 'Life Coach' and any student is absolutely lucky to have him! 
I know I'll definitely be calling him up when I'm home on breaks for more lessons 
-Meghan Keogh- Leominster, MA

Brandon first taught me guitar when I was about 12 after being recommended by my friend. I wasn't a quick learner but he made it fun and I stuck with it and found a passion and now play for hours a day. While I haven't taken lessons in a while, I owe my passion to this man. I play out as my job with my guitar and now even work alot with music production. My life wouldn't be the same without such a fantastic teacher, person and mentor to teach me about guitar, music and even life.- Dustin Brideau- Fitchburg, MA

Amazing teacher, amazing musician, amazing mentor. I started lessons almost 6 years ago and now I am going to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Now I can't even imagine life without my guitar, and I owe it all to Brandon. Thanks for everything!
-Ben Cote/Lead guitarist of The Ben Cote Band

If you are looking to learn how to play the guitar, or even if you already know but want to further yourself in your skills check out Brandon! I took lessons for longer than I can remember and he was the greatest teacher and became a great friend at the same time. His versatility in styles as well as his ability to teach in a way that is custom to your learning is unparalleled to most others. I very very strongly recommend checking him out if you have even the slightest interest in picking up a new instrument; you will not be disappointed i promise.-Pat Swett- Fitchburg, MA

"I first met Brandon at Applewild School when he was teaching a group guitar class during my 8th grade year. We got along very well off the bat and I immediately began taking private lessons from him outside of school. Brandon's playing has always been something I looked up to, but his attitude and patience are what really made him such a great teacher. I was excited each week to come back to my lesson. Even if I hadn't had time to complete my homework during the week, he still had something engaging and useful ready when I arrived. Brandon was the 2nd and the last guitar teacher I had and I truly believe  that he helped make my dream of touring the world as a professional musician become a reality."- Paul DiGiovanni-Lead Guitarist for major label pop/rock band, "Boys Like Girls"
"If it wasn't for the years of study with Brandon, I wouldn't be where I am today" -Andrew Mello- Guitarist for Streight Angular
"The progress Ben has made is amazing. Each week he can't wait for his lesson and he always comes out smiling." -Gregg Cote- parent
"I wanted to thank you for all the years I spent learning all the wonders of the guitar from you. I don't think I would have the same understanding and interest in music that I do now if it weren't for the years spent in the room on the side of the store playing guitar." -Dan Spicer-Upton,Ma
“Brandon Durham was my guitar teacher for over five years. Over the years he has taught me not only how to play the guitar but to appreciate music for what it is. When I started playing, the guitar was completely foreign to me, but it wasn’t long before Brandon helped me begin a new musical chapter of my life. Brandon is kind, caring, patient, and very skilled. I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone who is ready to pick up the guitar and make music a part of their life.” – Benjamin Rowe- Townsend, MA
"Throughout my years as a guitarist, I have learned a lot.  The most valuable information I have learned has come from Brandon Durham, and I would not be at the Berklee College of Music today if it wasn't for all his hard work and dedication he put into teaching me." - Dan Sitar- Lead Guitarist of Mindwalk Boulevard; Townsend, MA
"Brandon Durham is a teacher, friend and role model for my son who has been receiving guitar lessons since he was age 5.  Now age 12, my son can play guitar, read music and has developed an identity as a musician in no small measure to Brandon's ability to work well with children.  He is very talented, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I would recommend Brandon to any parent whose child is interested in learning to play guitar." - Kathleen Avison-Townsend, MA
"To my crazy awesome guitar teacher Brandon, thanks for everything!  You're an amazing guitar teacher/player and I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Thanks again!" - Tim Comeau, Guitarist for "Atlas"- Leominster, MA
"I strongly recommend Brandon as a teacher. His techniques can apply to any style. I still use the techniques he showed me to this day. He has a teaching method that is clear and precise. And he's a down to earth, decent guy." Eric, Leominster MA

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